Welcome to Chairapy

A Charapist is a a daymaker, a joy weaver, who inspires the people they touch.
We make people look and feel beautiful.
We live from knowing- not just knowledge.
We live from a space of Love not Fear.
We are grateful.
We are creating who we want to be, while helping others see their beauty within.

What can you expect at your seminar?
Personal & Business Inspiration
Creating a Temple out of your Workspace
Greeting the Client with Joy
Understanding Glamour
Empowered Control Behind your Chair
Planning to Live
The Retail Exchange
Passion of your Craft
Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness

Every seminar is guaranteed to be inspirational, motivational and will guide you down the path to finding real joy behind your chair.


I learned something from every point. It was wonderful. I loved her energy and it was easy to stay engaged. I’d absolutely attend her seminar again”

-Alex Gordon

I’d do it again

Loved your positive light and your necklace! You reminded me to be Joyful, present and positive!

-Cathy Ashtiani

Love your Light